Electrical Waste

Disposal of electrical equipment waste

By ensuring proper disposal of devices, we contribute to the protection of the natural environment, thus improving the state of human health and the quality of his life.


The crossed-out trash can symbol on the product or its packaging indicates that the product should not be thrown away with regular municipal waste due to the hazardous waste contained in it.

It is the responsibility of the user (household) to hand over the used equipment to the designated collection point for the recycling of waste from electrical and electronic equipment.

When purchasing new electrical equipment, upon the explicit request of the Customer, we can collect used equipment (provided the used equipment is of the same type and performs the same functions). In this case, please contact us by phone or email. When the new equipment is delivered by the courier, the packaged used electrical equipment should be handed over to the courier (only after prior phone or email agreement).

Used equipment can also be handed over to special selective municipal waste collection points designated in each municipality or region.

BDO: 0004976697

Maps of such points can be found, among others, on the following websites: