Mensa Home History


“I'm at Kowalik's store” – How it all began

The journey of Mensa Home began long before its name was conceived. In a 65,000 inhabitant town in Poland, there resided a family of five. At its helm was a true businessman. Regardless of the sector he dabbled in - and there were many, from cosmetics to interior paints - he always adhered to his principles. Some of these were quirky, like not cleaning the floors too often, for it showed how many people frequented the shop. Others were more down-to-earth but demanded immense discipline. All in all, these principles guaranteed a good life for the family.


As years passed, the growing children began to show a knack for business, opting for even grander ventures. But life isn't always a fairy tale, and a time of unexpected farewell arrived. From that moment, two brothers and a sister, bound by fate, shouldered the responsibility of their father's company. Eventually, as their interests began diverging, the company was divided into three. Thus, the youngest son, alongside his wife, ventured into the business of glass and porcelain.

The second generation in power – the true birth of Mensa

Back then, the company's recognizable trademark was a blue "kowalik" (squirrel) on a yellow background. The first store outside their hometown opened its doors in Poznań. From there, everything snowballed: new store locations, new European and subsequently global suppliers, an expanded range to include kitchen equipment and decorations, and finally, a name change.

The first part of "Mensa" translates from Latin as "table". It's the focal point of a home where not only physical hunger is satiated, but also the hunger for intimacy and conversation. It's around the table that guests are entertained, offering them the finest homemade delights. We believe this simple yet remarkable piece of furniture is the heart of a home. This explains the second part of our name: "Home". We chose English because it clearly distinguishes between a house (a building) and a home (a place of belonging). To us, it's less about the building itself and more about the relationships with its inhabitants and friends.

Present Day

Nowadays, Mensa Home, or as customers fondly call us, "Mensa", comprises 9 brick-and-mortar showrooms. We offer premium interior products – tableware, kitchen accessories, garden equipment, and much more. Our product range prioritizes the highest quality goods, produced in line with sustainable development principles and environmental consciousness.

Our mission has always been to provide Poles with a prestigious and comfortable life, for we believe everyone deserves it. We aim to achieve this by offering safe, elegant, top-tier products!

How do we care for our future?

We strive to satisfy today's desires of our clients without compromising future generations. As a family-owned business, we're profoundly aware of the importance of safeguarding our descendants' welfare. We pay meticulous attention to ensure our collaborating companies follow sustainable development principles and adopt sensible production policies.

Our everyday practices include eco-friendly packaging methods, as we firmly believe that small acts can change the world.